You heard it here first. Matis has decided to let fans take hold of the monthly newsletter!  Feel free to jump on social media and Join the "Official Matisyahu Facebook Club" to contribute! Looking forward to working with everyone on all things Matisyahu! Peace and Love, Brady@Upinthemts and the Superfans

LOVE BORN is out and ready for fans on Dreampatron, Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and on the local radio.  That Stu Bassie Brooks is the "real thing" in this track. Check out the video below for the FULL EXPERIENCE 

This track has been rapidly climbing the charts and was at the #2 spot for Hip Hop this week. Hip Hop DX did a nice write up on the meaning behind the song. Matis fans are not new to the pain that Matisyahu has experienced and puts into his art and performance.  If you don't already love him this will surely get you there.  

Dreampatron is the Official Matisyahu Fan Club website for unreleased tracks and tickets. Deanna (a stellar fan had this to say) "Finally signed up for Dream patron and got to download Storm Tossed and it is beyond RAD! Don't know why I waited so long to sign up. And downloaded all of the new music on there. I practically have a new Matis playlist! Thanks!!!! Great deal. Totally worth the $$ because I really wanted to download these songs already and BOOM I got em! Love you Matis. See you in Texas. xx" Check out 'STORM TOSSED" below with VIDEO of Mihali and Matis


MATIS HAS SIGNED ON NUGS.NET AS A MUSIC DELIVERY AND WEBCAST PLATFORM!  Expect future shows, starting with Evergreen Festival, to be recorded.

A little background and history of what it is. Nugsnet was Founded in 1997 as a fan site for downloading live music. has evolved into the leading source for official live music from some of the largest touring artists in the world.  Phish, Pearl Jam, STS9, Red Hot Chili Peppers and many other artists distribute recordings of every concert they play through’s platform includes downloads, CDs, webcasts, and subscription streaming services, delivering exclusive live content to millions of fans on a daily basis.  Additionally, founder Brad Serling hosts a weekly radio show on SiriusXM Jam On featuring the week in live music, cherry picked from the catalog.  Hope to hear Matis and the boys soon!!

NEW SHOWS ANNOUNCED!! Some w/ Full band and Some Duo.  Get your tickets early or Sign up for Dreampatron! New dates will be added in New England- for 2nd leg of the Festival of Lights over Chanukah- leading up to New Years

SEP 21 Bend Farmers Market 6pm (FREE DUO)

SEP 23 Centennial Hall, Juneau, AK (DUO) 

OCT 8 One Love Experience, Ventura, CA (DUO) 

OCT 15 Angry Orchard Festival, Walden, NY

DEC 14 Closer To The Sun 2016 (December 14-16), Ecatepec De Morelos, Mexico

DEC 17 Jannus Live, St. Petersburg, FL

DEC 18 House Of Blues, Lake Buena Vista, FL

DEC 21 The Jackie Gleason Theater at The Fillmore Miami Beach, Miami, FL

DEC 22 City Winery, New York, NY

DEC 23 City Winery, New York, NY

DEC 24 City Winery, New York, NY


STUDIO TIME this Fall with the band in Brooklyn

Matis has mentioned a few times on social media that the band will be in the studio writing and making a new band record off the current live sound. This is to be released in early 2017 and till then, Matis will be releasing songs up to the new album. We might even get to see some Periscopes and Live Facebook feeds showing how the Matis Magic comes together.  Ya never know what might happen so why not be prepared just in case something does :) 

October 22, 2016 "Brooklyn Comes Alive is rounding out their diverse supergroup formations with A Tribute to J Dilla. Led by Break Science’s Borahm Lee, the tribute will run deep in the roots of hip-hop with fine-tuned artists, drummer Adam Deitch (Lettuce/Break Science), guitarist Adam Smirnoff (Lettuce), bassist Nate Edgar (The Nth Power), bassist Stu Brooks (Matisyahu, 50 Cent, Pretty Lights), and more. "

October 22, 2016 "Brooklyn Comes Alive is rounding out their diverse supergroup formations with A Tribute to J Dilla. Led by Break Science’s Borahm Lee, the tribute will run deep in the roots of hip-hop with fine-tuned artists, drummer Adam Deitch (Lettuce/Break Science), guitarist Adam Smirnoff (Lettuce), bassist Nate Edgar (The Nth Power), bassist Stu Brooks (Matisyahu, 50 Cent, Pretty Lights), and more."

Check out these summer tour images of some of the fans. We asked Matis if he would be ok with fans holding signs up or having the ever so popular glow stick war,  seen at Phish shows, and he had this to say.. " go for it". 





What an event it was this summer for the Hawaiian native-  Kekoa- to not only have the artist he was covering standing in front of him at the local coffee shop- but then to be invited to LA to perform shortly after. Fans far and wide watched the story unfold and thanks to Lord Brooks we had the video go viral on the world wide web!! Way to go StuB! Making a fans dream come true!! 

Credits: Stu Brooks Facebook: This was rad. This young man named Kekoa Alama started singing Matisyahu's "One day" at a coffee shop in Maui and didn't know that the artist was right in front of him. Watch the reveal at the end.

One important aspect of this tour is the music itself, as Matisyahu has shifted into an improvisational approach unlike any of his previous works. One can never know what's coming next at his shows! Fans this summer experienced quite the array of shows to attend to. 311 tour, to accoustic sets in Montreal and NYC and some full band headliner shows.  Check out this article that explains the motivation behind the music and what to expect in the future evolutution of Matisyahu. CLICK HERE

The  Q/A Corner with Matisyahu!!

1.      Joshua: Are you a book reader, and if so what are some books you've read in the last year?

Matisyahu: I have been reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values (ZAMM), by Robert M. Pirsig as well as a book called, "Image, Sense, Infinities, and Everyday Life" by Michael Eigen. I'm a slow reader. 

2.      Rachel: Do you have 15 of the same white T-shirt and where do you get them

Matisyahu:  My favorite white T is by James Perse. They are super light weight and soft which is good for summer tour. I had like 3 of them that I rotated but they get holes in them because I wear them so much. It's not really easy to laundry on tour so they get pretty gross. Then I have a couple by ATM. I shop mainly Barneys. Don't judge me. Lol

3.      Anna: All of Matis' music is great and it is hard to pick just one as a fan that is my favorite. What is Matis' favorite song that he's written and why?

Matisyahu: My fav kind of changes from tour to tour. Right now I'm loving the new version of King Without a Crown. It’s a song I played so much that it started to lose meaning for me. Then I searched for a way to breathe new life into it for years by changing the tempo and the beat a bit. It wasn't untill this tour, when I started listening to Vince Staples, that I got the band to play the bass line for it. I was looking for some words to rap over it and started rapping the King With Out a Crown lyrics and realized they made so much more sense over a slow downed-darker chord- progression. When I sing it now the words carry weight and really pop. It feels really sticky and I find myself in it. Then we transition into the old chord progression for the chorus and its makes sense with those words, "what's this feeling? My love will rip a hole in the ceiling" because if you go through the darkness you can find the light but there has to be dark matter(s) in order for the contrast to give meaning to life. You have to go through the verse in order to get to the chorus and that's the whole meaning of the song which connects it to my latest single -"Love Born”. “Love Born from pain is the real thing". Its one movie with different scenes and the lyrics are interchangeable because they all point towards the same ideas. In the end, often times the show is, one big mash up of songs from my catalog and songs of artists that inspired me. When I first started making music, I made songs that mainly represented one side of life or one emotion and now I try and reflect a more realistic version of human emotion in my songs that includes the darker side but always aims for redemption i.e. the dark matter(s).  Therefore, the music is not just a drug that you drink in your ears to make you feel better but rather a journey into your soul that you go on and experience uncomfortable feelings as well, all with the purpose of growth. This has become the object of my live show and the new record I am making. Not just to make people feel good but to take them on a journey.