This month I am releasing a song that was recorded back in the spark seeker days but never came out. It was written by and features a good friend of mine Jack Knight (Live Like a Warrior). Excited to finally let this song see the light of the day and I know it will definitely bring some light to your day.  

Download and sign up for the fan club where I release a new song every month at WWW.MATISYAHU.CLUB


For those who don't know, I started this fan club mainly for the purpose of releasing new music while I'm in the listening/writing/recording process. This way you have something to hold you over while I'm creating the next record. 


Anyway. Besides that I've been really enjoying my time home and recovering, resting and moving into my recording process for the next record. I have been working with my long time friend Ephraim from Israel to go deeper into my inner world and to discover what it is that I want to convey next. Spending my days in daddy mode, meditation and at Gypsey Donut racking up belly points for the golden plack of awesomeness. Staying sober and yeah this is being built as we speak. 



Leaving soon for a short tour in Europe and then a summer of dates with 311. Then I'll be entering Studio G in Greenpoint to record the next record with the band in the fall. 

Thats pretty much it for now. Peace Yo