Hey all...just a quick note about some stuff happening over on our Dreampatron page.  In case you don't know, Dreampatron is kind of our "fan club," but it's mainly  a way for me to share with you music as I make it.  Unreleased tracks that you can't get anywhere else we drop every month on our Dreampatron page.  We also share other experience with our Dreampatrons...including tickets to our shows, meet & greets backstage...it's a way for us to connect like we couldn't before.


This month we dropped a banging new track, "Dodging Bullets," with my good friend Kosha Dillz.  It's available only via Dreampatron, as are a bunch of other tracks - like my recent collaborations with The Polish Ambassador, Tune-In Crew, Mavado and more.


We also just posted my recent hometown show from the legendary Capitol Theater in Port Chester, NY.  Literally down the road from where I grew up, this show celebrated the 10th Anniversary of my album Youth in addition to my native roots. 


Finally, and this is really new and special, we're offering a one-of-a-kind reward to our top Dreampatrons.  Basically, you can share with me what your favorite song title or lyric is...and I'll create a custom, handwritten art piece with the words that are most meaningful to you.  In Jewish tradition, the sofer (scribe) holds a very sacred place and lovingly crafts each letter written in the Holy scrolls.  In this spirit, i'll share with you a hand-written, lyrical gift once a year...more details on my Dreampatron page.


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