Hello. I have been enjoying a nice short break with family and my kids in NY before heading out tomorrow on the 3rd leg of the LIVE AT STUBBS 3 tour. For those of you that don't know, now ya know, nah mean? Kidding. I released a new song with prob my fav reggae artist Mavado exclusively on my fan club site Dreampatron.com/matisyahu . 

Don't want to overload you with info so that's it for now. Song is pure FYRE! Get in the whip, turn up the bass, and feel it in ya chest!  

Ill be be releasing new and unreleased tunes every month for subscribers. We call it shaving (lol) the excess bullshit. No labels, no middlemen, just me making music every month for you and you supporting me so I can continue to do it. No waiting around for new music. I feel something, I record it, you get it. We live together! Peace