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     Good first week of tour... hydrating with @lalpinawater and prepping for Shabbes. See you Saturday night in Norfolk!  Don't miss the opportunity to see @matisyahu this fall. www.MatisyahuWorld.com/Tour (TeamMatis)  Waking up all night. Shaky bus ride. Excited to be in my favorite state, OR. Woop,Woop.  Balance. Flying 5 out of 6 days. So long Moscow...see you later this year. Headed to Azores for a show Thursday on Santa Maria Island... #balance #randomphotobomb  http://soundcloud.com/kool-kojak/ed-kock/s-1ll9t @kooolkojak
     Nice #FanSelfie from last night. Next stop, Charlotte. @jaxuhdullboy  Thank you for lifting me up each day. Can't wait to see you this fall.  Another day in paradise #Naptime  Painful when the show sells out... Get your tickets before they're gone! www.MatisyahuWorld.com/tour  Dreamed of being the journalist from Almost Famous? We're looking for a music writer to travel with Matisyahu on tour and write a feature piece for @relixmag Enter @ www.relix.com (TeamMatis)
     Got into the studio w @mavado_gully while I was in Miami. Truth! Heavy vibes coming soon.  (NEW VIDEO) #BrokenCar - View the premiere on YouTube.com/MatisyahuTV  4:20am and just got offstage in the Azores...16 hours and 3 flights to get to Belgium and play a show!  Sunrise over Black Sea. Happy b-day Zalman. Good show tonight in Russia. Roots  Fun time today with my boys at Venice beach.
     Heading to Wilmington,NC for the Carolina Roots Music Festival on Sunday! #CaliRoots #CarolinaSessions  Today is the last day to enter. Visit www.Relix.com before 11:59PM ET to enter. @relixmag  Nice day of healing with @DubTrio and crew at the Hot Springs of Furnas on San Miguel Island. #slint #dayoff #Azores  You never know what will happen when you go on tour... Enter for your chance to travel with @Matisyahu on his upcoming fall tour and write a feature piece for @RelixMag Enter @ www.relix.com (TeamMatis)  #Champion ► http://smarturl.it/Akeda