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     Music Farm - Charleston, SC #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by @melissa_terry  7 Day Merch Sale! $10 T-Shirts $20 Hoodies + All orders will receive free "Miracle" EP + Matisyahu keychain ► http://shop.matisyahuworld.com (TeamMatis)  #TBT Fan Art by ForHeidi. 2007  Dave Holmes - The Black Sheep - Colorado Springs #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by Christy Dickinson-Davis  Congrats! #AkedaUEBoom Week 1 Winner ► Brianna "My favorite lyric from Matisyahu's album #Akeda is "Reservoir". It makes me feel empowered and reminds me never to conform to the world just because of the pressure to be like everyone else. It reminds me to be myself and makes me believe in myself." Next Wednesday we pick another winner ► http://smarturl.it/v87b76 @ Ultimate Ears (TeamMatis)
     Great to be back home with the boys. #gokingsgo  Congrats! #AkedaUEBoom Week 2 Winner ► @anandablissninnie Next Friday we pick our final winner! #AkedaUEBoom @ultimateears (TeamMatis)  Stu Brooks - House of Blues - New Orleans, LA #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by @xistencephotography  Me and Joshy cocktail last night in ... I forgot. ATLANTA! @weareradical  @amirnorman  Rialto Theatre - Tucson, AZ #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by Jimi Gianatti
     Sasha Lil Miller #sweetesttthinginmylife  Last day of tour... What now?  Mizner Park Amphitheatre - Boca Raton, FL #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by Vickie Vaden  The original rude boy @aarondugan doin his thang pre in store gig  Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by Christopher Mark
     Return  Stopped by @moonflowersalon to hang with my homegirl. @sanswhit #getcrazywithmousse  The Pageant - St. Louis, MO #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by Abigail Gillardi  #TBT Fan Art by DarwinDarcy. 2012  Upload your favorite "Akeda" lyric and you could win backstage passes + an @UltimateEars Boom. Use hashtag #AkedaUEBoom in your post. Winner announced on Wednesday. (TeamMatis)