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       Had fun last night in the swampy city.  For all you beard lovers, this is one of my fav's. Ok after this I'm done with posting selfies. Lol  No hamburgers, dogs, guns, or smoking.  Got to meet my sisters new dog this am in Brooklyn
     Hangin wit my homegirl  Had to post this one. Getting ready for phish to kick off there tour in bend no doubt.  I know some of you guys are stuck on the beard but you can't deny this.  Happy birthday to my son and the Rebbe. #YudAlefNissan
     Shooting an ill video for reservoir!  Happy Birthday to my one and only princess Sasha Lil. Aries babies!  Throw back shot of me and my boy shalom in 2000-somethin. Time goes by.  Just arrived in Guatemala City for the #EmpireMusicFest #EMF2015  Last one of me and my baby for now. Promise. I'm in love. Nothing else matters.
     Had a nice time yesterday at Indiana Univ.  Ok. Here ya go.  Love you man  OG!