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     Got to meet my sisters new dog this am in Brooklyn  Having lunch with my baby. Mmmmm.  3:34 am  http://stubbsaustin.com/live-at-stubbs-3-a-10-year-anniversary-an-acoustic-evening-with-matisyahu  Watching Rocky 4, eating cheese, and chocolate chip muffins. Rainy Sunday.
       Sound check yesterday @aipac. Lubavitchers got me on the way in and I took there 'Tfillan! Alter Rebbe? You know this!    The realest Chassid in LA!  #PSC (Post-Shabbes Chulunt)
     Last one of me and my baby for now. Promise. I'm in love. Nothing else matters.    En route to crested butte for a free show manyana with the one and only.  Apparently my soup spill is the spitting image of Jamaica. wouldn't it be crazy if god created this world via spilling his soup. Hahaha  https://vimeo.com/98585034
       We made it to DC. @washingtoncaps where else?  I'm playing a stripped down show @StubbsAustin indoor on march 6 for the live at Stubbs 10 year anniversary. http://stubbsaustin.com/live-at-stubbs-3-a-10-year-anniversary-an-acoustic-evening-with-matisyahu  Spilled miso soup on my February. Damn it.  Surrender...my vision. https://vimeo.com/98585034