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     I'm playing a stripped down show @StubbsAustin indoor on march 6 for the live at Stubbs 10 year anniversary. http://stubbsaustin.com/live-at-stubbs-3-a-10-year-anniversary-an-acoustic-evening-with-matisyahu  Spilled miso soup on my February. Damn it.  Surrender...my vision. https://vimeo.com/98585034  Healing waters. Miami rectification. 41 days.  Here are my girls. Sleeping pills all day to try as get my swelling down dark times for matis sitting in his hotel room right now. Send up healing energy those of you who contain the light. We need it now. Expext the show to be a little different. Easy vibes organic builds lots Dance no high notes. Hashem make my girls work tonight. Pretty please! With sugar on top!
     http://stubbsaustin.com/live-at-stubbs-3-a-10-year-anniversary-an-acoustic-evening-with-matisyahu  Watching Rocky 4, eating cheese, and chocolate chip muffins. Rainy Sunday.  Brought my sis to meet her niece in Bend. Here is a picture of her with the OG lil miller.  Good Morning Miami, playing an unplugged set at Sole on the Ocean to raise money for ALS tonight!  Jewish super hero MM getting ready for school today.
     The realest Chassid in LA!  #PSC (Post-Shabbes Chulunt)  Winter Clearance Sale! All T-shirts $10 Hoodies $20 shop.matisyahuworld.com (TeamMatis)  Hangin in Miami with my valentines.  Warfield Theatre - San Francisco, CA #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by @sly_vegas
     Apparently my soup spill is the spitting image of Jamaica. wouldn't it be crazy if god created this world via spilling his soup. Hahaha  https://vimeo.com/98585034  What an amazing night in vail. Check the vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6xSAMQrdfc photo by @navid_dovin    Marquee Theatre - Tempe, AZ #BuiltToSurviveTour Photo by Christopher Mark